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O God, Grant me a Friend

The first thing that we should look for in a friend is that they should make us stronger human beings. They should be someone that we trust will help us when we are at our low points and that we won’t feel self-conscious with when seeking help. But the key here to notice is that when we are strengthened by our friends, we should keep in mind that it is not really our friend that has made us strong, rather Allah (swt) has strengthened us through our friend.

 Often times we try to go through life alone and we try to do everything on our own. In another extreme, we may try to get our friends to take our own life decisions and lay our tasks fully on their shoulders. Through this description, we get the true essence of what we should do. Our friends should be people that are capable and willing to share in our tasks. They should be people we can trust to bounce ideas off of and to help us along the way. We shouldn’t try to wander through life and carry the entire burden ourselves, nor should we lay our tasks fully on other’s shoulders—the moderate path is the key.

 This is the most essential part of any friendship. The friendship should bring us closer to God, never farther. The companionship should encourage us to do more good for the sake of Allah (swt), never distract us from it. And throughout these friendships, in good and bad moments, we should never forget that Allah (swt) is always watching us and can see our every move.

May Allah bless us all with friends who surround us, who strengthen us (by the will of God), who share in our burden, and who remind us of God. Ameen.

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Glimpse of my life

Hello and hye peeps..
i do miss my blogging too busy and don't have much time to spend for my own .
and it's not fair to just left this blog without any updates.

here for you.. lets just pictures tell the stories.

Aiza my BFF wed on last Sunday.. Congrats love!

My brother birthday today..celebrated with Papa John's

my new addiction..grab after finish my training today! wootwoot!

Nisa & Qisya Engagement.. we worked very hard on that day :)

that all for today..hope u enjoy!


My dad get his present yesterday as promised by my sister..

we (my sisters n bro) can see from his face how happy he is

anddd im the 1st person who "lanyak" his  new cam semalam
"boleh ambil gambar banyak-banyak" since he know my hobby :)

Salam Maulidur Rasul

Salam everyone : )
rasanya tak banyak yang saya nak kongsikan di blog ni
yea faham.. lama sangat tak menulis ini semua disebabkan sikap malas

harap-harap dapat ubah sikap ni..
bersempena Maulidur Rasul ni saya harap sangat dapat jadikan sikap baginda
sebagai panduan untuk membaiki diri jadi yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya.. Insyaallah

sama-samalah kita teruskan berselawat ke atas baginda Muhammad S.A.W The Prophet's
ringankan lidah untuk kebaikan bersama..
bukan hanya bila Maulud sahaja..tapi saya harap setiap masa

i'm hoping that i can be a better muslimah. *alwayspraytoAllah*

MASSIVE sale on books

Yes I'm talking about the Big Bad Wolf book sale. 
setiap hari asyik tengok ads dalam paper je..xpuas hati!
I'm a book lover so bila tahu ada ongoing book sale
memang xakan lepaskan peluang..harus pergi!

ramai sangat orang yang datang
siap ada yang bawak luggage bag, trolley cart, backpack
tapi i managed all my books guna empty boxs yang dorang campak2 bawah meja
sebelah pegang kotak sebelah tangan lagi pegang my nephew.

Rambang mata main grabbed je buku campak dalam kotak
xcukup tangan susun kotak2 atas lantai
seronok siap main rebut-rebut sebab stok buku banyak yang dah habis

my nephew dia dah kepenatan, meragam buku dia kena curi.


this mine..chick lit

20+ buah buku yang telah diborong hanya RM200+ sahaja
kalau ada lagi tahun depan memang nak pergi lagi